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If the amount of money in the bank is your motivator, and not the entrepreneur DNA in your blood, then look elsewhere. If you have it, you know it.

Profitability and sustainability are important, but passion is what's needed to reach the profits. Although you may not win every time, hang in there and you will.

At 35, I'm a 10 year serial entrepreneur with many start-ups under my belt and 15 years professional experience in tech, branding, marketing and advertising. I have bootstrapped and grown companies to generate tens of millions a year in revenue.

Looking to invest in unique ideas, but more importantly looking to partner with passionate individuals that possess the drive, determination, integrity and ethics that it takes to build a valuable enterprise.

I am a partner/investor that is actively involved with every investment that I make, lending not only my money, but my strengths and abilities in branding, marketing and executive leadership as needed.

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