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#Goal: Application in order to promote interactivity between people and accessibility to transportation and events (GAMES) intelligently;
#Collaboration: RioOnibus, Fetranspor, Rio2016 Committee, METRÔRIO, the City of Rio de Janeiro;
#Collaborative Tools: Location Map; Local events; Allow geographic location of people who go to an event; Messenger; Exchange of information; Chat; Proximity Alert;
@Transport: Group of transportation companies accredited, and each vehicle is mapped by GPS indicating location.
You drive down the application on the phone, which has a location service, the user could know the location of public transport (buses and / or taxis) that are close to him, with case Taxi Free Status, and solicit race, drivers can rank the , favorite, know the car, know an estimate of the value of the race simulation options with source / destination, etc;
#And other features like Messaging, Proximity Alert, Tag Dating, Actors involved.


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