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TaskWorkshop is a set of multi-platform project management tools for all kinds of software development teams, companies and startups.
It's the first product which was built for all major platforms.

It offers tools for fast everyday work, without useless features, which can only discourage or distract developers.
Clear interface, only necessary and useful features make it friendly, easy to use and time-saving.

TaskWorkshop is available through the Web interface, simple and intuitive desktop applications on Mac, Linux and Windows, simple mobile applications on iOS and Android, console apps and command line tools as well, so you can manage your tasks or projects easily from anywhere, using any tool you like.

Main features:
- No calendars, no reports, no deadlines, no favorites , no sharing
- simple web interface
- desktop apps on Mac, Linux and Windows
- mobile apps on iOS and Android
- console and command line tools
- @nickname and #priority support
- chat, messages, contacts


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