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Haven't Got A Stitch To Wear is a brand new mobile/tablet application developing company which already has a number of applications in the thoughts process.
Our first application will be 'mywardrobe' an interactive storage for the user to upload photos of their own clothes items. 'Mywardrobe' will give guidance for the user on what outfits they could create from their own clothes, this will be done by the user searching for an outfit by categories i.e colour, type of dress, when they're going out etc and the application will bring up all the options available to them.
We already looked at our competitors and we believe we can offer more than they can and at a reasonable price to the user.
We're looking for up to £5000 investment for a new laptop, tablet and all the software we need plus help with marketing and advertising. We're a young dynamic duo but we're mature and professional when making important decisions.
Thanks Ryan and Faye at HGASTW

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