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Dear Sirs! PE PСF "Alex & C'' in the face of the Acting Director-project manager Danilenko Valery Viktorovich appeals to you about the possibility of considering the question of the financing of innovation project for the construction of the pilot enterprises in the territory of Cherkasy the region, Ukraine.
System and the concept of pilot enterprises, allows for 100% recycling of solid household waste and construction.
This enterprise is named as the Integrated Centre (I.C.) or the Industrial Industrial Park (I.I.P.) designed to introduce the technology to save resources and energy-saving technologies.
Construction period of basic production-2year.
The profitability of the production of not less than 30%. For realizing of the project of enterprise with the necessary infrastructure, the development of social sphere, and also taking into account of inflations and crises is necessary the financing in the size €350,000,000.00
(~$500,000,000.00 );
A question of joint participation in the
project can be examined.