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Siestas is a structure that is internally equipped as cozy bed-room and measures meters 2.40 (width) per 3.80 (length) per 2.40 (height).
It has a captivating design and is equipped with a special mattress in viscoelastic material which perfectly adapts itself to the contour of the body.
SIESTASĀ® is realized with eco-compatible materials and can be powered with photovoltaic panels
SiestasĀ® can be placed, indoors or outdoors, in locations where lots of tired out people most commonly gather, such as airports, motorway service areas, trade fairs, amusement parks, big shopping centers, touristic sites, large companies or factories, railway stations, harbors, etc.Its hygienic safety is guaranteed by the saturated dry steam technology which, besides providing air purification, is able to eliminate 99% of of bacteria and microorganism


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