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The network built on the completly innovative conception of easy visibility without language borders mapoz( )net. I've created : advertising service for business which contains a lot of usefull information for each entrepreneur. Second network's child is tehcnical internet shop motocentrum( )com with the description of all parts in 4 main European languages. Comes Auction's portal translated into 20 languages (inside database) what means free business and goods advertising into whole region. A few new sites pending. We need funding to continue all the steps quicker to grow and be number one in Europe. We have ANY competition make it as good and as innovative. We're looking for serious partners only. We offer wide knowledge so the best fundamental know-how and a lot of creativity, power, work done. Have a look at our activities around at ue-market ( )com (unfortunatelly use each tool exc. IExplorer). You're welcome!


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