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Pet Skin Doctor’s product line of Pet Healthcare Products for Dogs, Cats and Ferrets called “Essential Needs” promotes optimal health for loved pets with a topical solution that works wonders on persistent skin problems. PSD Essential Needs also has a proprietary food supplement used by AKC Champions. Pet Skin Doctor products contain a synergistic blend of all-natural Essential Fatty Acids not found in most products on the store shelves today. Partner Dave Long says “we have been offering our unique blend for over 13 years to pet owners with wonderful results.

The Pet Healthcare is a $50B market and growing. There are over 170MM Dogs and Cats and Ferrets in the United States. According to the American College of Veterinary Dermatology over 18MM have allergy and dermatology problems. The Essential Needs product line intends to market through Direct Response Television.

PSD is seeking $300K and has secured $1.7M in media dollars.


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