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My store will be stocked with EarthQuake and Disaster preparedness survival kits, for offices/schools. families to individuals. Pre-made or build your own! Animals/Pets will have kits as well., during slow times I will sell hiking/gold panning.prospecting/biking accessories, I leave the More in the title for room to add souveniers of whatever area I may be in Like Rancho Cucamonga City Of Grapes/ Route 66 memorbilla,,depending on the geography of store(s), I myself have spent driving many miles just to get one item and then another 60 to 70 miles on others/ when earthquakes happen business will boom/also I am a member of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)and would get their business after CERT classes, Looking to expand and have stores all over Cali. Also the customer service will be treated as main insight!