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We are Software company. Have put in $750K of our own money (insiders,friends and family). In the vast digital landscape, data breach is the most perplexing problem faced by companies today. Once content is disseminated, the loss of control has made Privacy and Piracy a major regulatory concern. SafedoX addresses these challenges from the most fundamental standpoint. HIPPA Compliancy in the Medical field, Legal requirements, and numerous other regulatory needs are met by SafedoX Security Software.
An App is LIVE and ready to use with a simple download.
Enterprise Core Focus:● Medical (software is HIPPA compliant) ● Legal Industry

Software is Patent pending. Looking for funding and partners to accomplish this roadmap.
30 to 90 days: -
1.Websites development
•Enterprise Sales -
•Retail sales -
2.User Interfaces, graphics, tables, texts, affiliate creative, Plug-ins
3. Social Media engagement
4.Media and Press Engagement / Marketing
5.Enterprise Sale


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