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Business Summary: Medical Supply Management, Inc. (“MSM” or the “Company”) is an International holding company with branded technology assets and service features that source, compare, procure and deliver health care equipment and medical related supplies. The Company technologies and services are delivered through an International marketplace branded “Medical Supply Line”, which features multi-lingual multi-currency B2B & B2C capabilities that manage the entire supply enterprise and life cycle of a product through consumption. The Company distribution centers provide direct access to quality low cost health care and medical related supplies in support of consumer markets, baby boomers, caregivers and health care professionals. Medical Supply Line is the only company providing direct access to 1000’s of global manufacturers without the fraud, waste, and abuse to healthcare markets and social programs.
Market Summary: With over fifty million uninsured Americans and growing, private health programs (AARP & AETNA) seeking lower cost alternatives to patient care; and social entitlement programs (Medicare and Medicaid) forced to make deep cuts in the products and services they provide; consumer-driven markets are now forced to embrace accessibility and affordability to life saving health care and medical related products. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in Baltimore, Maryland project the Company’s targeted market sectors for consumer-driven markets will increase annually by 6.7 percent a year and total $517 billion by 2017.

Competition Summary: The US health care market has several eCommerce competitors, but only one bears mentioning because it sold for $1.5 billion-dollars after a 5-7 year build. The Company is PolyMedica Corp.’s “Liberty Medical”, primarily a B2C supplier for diabetic supplies. "Wilford Brimley (US actor) made news as the national spokesperson for the subsidiary of PolyMedica Corp.’s (NASDAQ: PLMD) “Liberty Medical”, primarily a business-to-consumer outfit for diabetic supplies, which was purchased by Medco Health Solutions (NYSE: MHS) in a 2007 transaction valued at $1.5 billion dollars." This is similar to this project except that the US Diabetes market is only $80 Billion a year and the Company’s target market is 6X larger at $500 Billion. In addition, we provide 1000's more products so our market cap is also much larger.

Management Summary: Samuel Lipari, Founder & President - For more than twenty years Founder and President Samuel Lipari has assembled effective management teams and developed cost efficient market strategies for complex procurement systems. In 2000, Lipari founded Medical Supply Chain, Inc. to erect an E-Commerce marketplace for healthcare supplies. While directing administrative, capital and risk assessment requirements, Mr. Lipari secured capital, developed cost-optimization strategies and designed and introduced an e-commerce platform application now considered the gold standard for delivering medical supplies to the US Healthcare systems.

Management Summary (Continued) Santu Rohatgi, CPA, MBA, MA Co-Founder & CEO - Santu Rohatgi is an accomplished executive with demonstrated success in M&A, cost reductions, contract negotiations, large scale project management and implementation, accounting, finance, IT and software development, process improvements, change management, and corporate strategy. He has broad experience in E-Commerce, computer sales and services, telecommunications, digital media, credit card services, large-scale software development, and management consulting. He is an entrepreneurial leader who is adept at recognizing critical process improvement opportunities and developing appropriate execution plans that fortify growth and enhance profitability. He demonstrated record savings in excess of $100 million in operational expenses by successfully developing and implementing change, while working with cross-functional teams. Mr.Rohatgi has held several management positions at Fortune 100 Corporations, has served as President and CFO for a start-up Public Company, and has helped create other Start-Up companies as well. He has experience working with china and India business personnel, improving their processes, and executing profitable business contracts. He frequently travels to both the countries.

Internet Address:
Incorporated: State of Kansas (C-corporation)
Principals: Mr. Samuel Lipari Founder, President - (816) 507-1328 [email protected]
Mr. Santu Rohatgi Co-Founder & CEO - (813) 340-4423 [email protected]
Investment To Date: $450,000
Fund Request: $2.5 Million USD
Fund Type: Debt: 7% Simple interest payable annually
Equity: Price Per Share $.50
Authorized: 45,000,000 (45 Million)
Issued: Samuel Lipari, Founder & President: 6,000,000 (Six Million Shares)
Santu Rohatgi, Co-Founder & CEO: 1,500,000 (One and a Half Million Shares)
Security: Equity, IP, Technology, Contracts, and Inventories
Exit Strategy: Sale, Refinance, Merger, Acquisition, IPO
Documentation Available: Executive Summary, Business Plan and Forward Financials, PPM
Use of Funds: Amount Fund Allocation
$44,500 Technology & Equipment
$731,250 Salaries
$547,376 Sales & Marketing
$750,000 Inventories
$2,073,126 Total

Projections: Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5
Revenue Projections: $870,372 $4,400,379 $11,969,738 $28,839,221 $85,851,529
EBITDA Projections: $(452,254) $451,524 $6,922,735 $22,312,495 $74,538,608