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I have owned and operated a hybrid real estate company for the past seven years. I started as a painting company, expanded to a full construction company, expanded again to become an electrical contractor, and have grown the company to the point that expansion is necessary to reach the final goal. Creating a Real Estate Investment Group. I have completed seven rehabs that included: Locating, Negotiating, Buying, Rehabbing, Marketing, Selling.
I have spent the last seven years, forging relationships with sub contractors, real estate agents, local distributors, etc. I have created a Real Estate Group that can and has got the job done and produced results. In seven properties I have not lost nor missed targets such as budgets, sale/rent price, ROI, etc. I will deliver results. We are a hybrid real estate company because we are a one stop shop for everything. I didn't build up these relationships, ideas, and knowledge to do one deal. I want to increase profits by increasing productivity


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