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Hallo from Greece.

My name is Michail Minousis work in private sector as a pediatrician in Nafplio the old capital city of Greece located in Pelloponesos, Argolida prefecture 150 km from Athens.

At this time my S.A. (limited company) I.K.A.N. has in development for the past 12 months the project healthcare tourism in Greece.

This is a triple combination between a private hemodialysis center , luxuries suites in our 7.500 sq.m plot and a private medical center.

Hemodialysis center will be operable in 4 months.

Luxuries suites are ready to start as I have the plot and building license in my hand.

Private medical center is also ready to start.

The combination scheme hemodialysis center-luxuries suites is subsidized from Greek state with 40%.

The investment until now has reach 1.000.000 € and has financing by own capital without loans from banks.

I am the owner of project 100%.

Healthcare tourism in Greece is quite a new approach without competitors.

Location is very important as our area Argolida is a high tourist area with many activities, beautiful seas and many ancients such as famous ancient theater of Epidavros.

With this schema we can offer a high level services in patients-tourist who wants to visit Greece and at the same time needs hemodialysis and medical support.

All these services are offer by one provider and at high level.

We have a full business plan available on request.

This combination platform can be scaled globally, and my longer term plans is to license the platform to individuals providers or on a country to country basis.

Apart from the upfront and ongoing revenues, further commercialization could come from INTERCONNECTING the patients-tourist databases together from each country.

So, a UK based patient-tourist who was looking for vacation in Greece could also without problems enjoy vacation and has the right appointments for hemodialysis and medical support on line.

The commercialization possibilities are endless.

We are seeking a 1.000.000 € angel investment to be used for Working Capital and Online Marketing.

Based on our projections, we expect to generate revenues from these purchases of between 6% and 8% on all transactions.

We believe that combination platform and online service for vacations could do amazingly well in the sector vacation for a patient-tourist.

Furthermore can build customer loyalty.

Our online service has now been created and is all set to launch.

I have had 10 years experience in the sector health care, and I have worked in these marketing methods.

I have seen this gap in the market, and I believe an online vacation system for patient-tourist is much needed. Using my skills, and experience in this space, I believe that I can turn this business into a great success and commercialize this combination platform to generate sustainable turnover and profitability.

I can send photos from the construction of hemodialysis center.

Please contact me to discuss this investment proposal further.

We are very passionate about our business and we would invite any interested angel investors to contact us now.

Best regards

Michail Minousis
Ag. Adrianou 25 & Kirillou street
City of Nafplio P.N. 21100
Argolida prefecture


E-mail:[email protected]