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I'm in the Debt Settlement/Negotiation buiness out of Fort Lauderdale, FL.. With the recent trends in the financial markets, we have switched our focus from Mortgage to Debt. The average US citizen now has over $25,000 in unsecured debt. Bottom line is, consumers need help. We have taken our sales experience from previous ventures and launched this business. Expertise in Debt Negotiation with creditors has been brought to our team from someone who has been in the industry for past 6 years. They have opened our eyes to a tremendous opportunity. Also, money has been put forward to generating a great product which helps consumers understand the debt industry.

With a team a team of 5-10 employees closing sales with leads provided from marketing efforts. The average employee can bring in 2.5-10 sales per week. On a debt of $10,000 Net profit sale for the company $2,500.
$50,000 Net profit sale for the company $12,500.

The more sales reps we can acquire, the more sales we can generate. The numbers will speak for themselves.

Looking for capital investment of $140,000 for 10% of the company. One investor only. $$$ will help us acquire employees with salaries paid over next three months, marketing, ect. Residual income; investment shall be paid off no longer than 6 months.