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Three Divisions to support Customer needs-
SOLUTIONS- consulting and installation group that uses 6-Sigma approach to find operating cost savings of 50-70% with similar environmental savings and less than 2-year paybacks
3RD- operates utility systems for others with up to 20% savings and no investment
EPIPHANY- develops, manufactures and markets totally new versions of utility equipment or totally new systems that will replace existing technology. All products cut energy use at least 40% and environmental releases up to 95%- with paybacks of less than two years.
We operate on the principal of "Everybody Wins". The combination of our services plus already proven products and those in the "pipeline" will allow us to CHANGE HOW THE WORLD OPERATES.
We expect annualized sales of over $300,000,000 to start, growing over 200%. We have found out how to build industrial grade products at low cost so we expect after-tax profits of about 40%. Anyone who supports us will be VERY successful.


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