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I am in the process of raising funds for a law enforcement training/amusement park type venue. It is a completely interactive theatrical experience in where a group of people are able with the help of "live" weapons, zip lines, grenades, trip wire explosions, actors, lights, sounds, music and much much more become a spy, detective, special agent or secret agent (depending on the scenario for the week) on a mission. You will in effect be able to live a video game (which with the success of games like call of duty we think this is a perfect time for this) or experience things you only thought possible on the holodeck of the Starship Enterprise. We require $388,000 for the start up capital we need but we currently have a LOC for $100,000. We plan to put this in the Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach area. We anticipate over $3.5 million a year net profit. I feel though as this is based on only 40% capacity with proper advertising etc we can more then double those numbers.


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