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Patented and proven developed by ASE certified master engine builder machinist with 15,000 engine builds on his resume.. Totally cleans engine sludge from oil pan and screen on up . Sludge is the #1 killer of engines in the world. Google Toyota and sludge for a tutorial..Product has been tested 1000 times with 100% success rate. We thought we had a co partner deal with Heritage Crystal Clean the 2nd largestet chemical solvent company in the country..We went to Chicago made our presentation which they liked.. They then sent their current CFO here to Columbia and vetted us for 3 days.. We discussed A TO Z. We were told a letter of intent was to follow.. It did but did not resemble our discussions at all. We turned them down and obviously are doing it our selves..This is a world wide problem that we have the solution for..We already have commitments for machine placements we need capital to build them..