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I feel that i can really help the world to get better in some way. I am young, hard working girl. My purpose is to help as much as i can and do as much as i can to help. I feel this great energy inside me that i really can help people. I feel that helping people can make not only ourselves better but all world around us too. my parents both are hard working but they do not have a lot of money so studying in United States for me is right now impossible. Even i understand that it is a big risk for investors to invest in young girl to educate i feel that i would not let anyone down. I believe that education is power what helps us to help other people and I want to get this power for me too so i could help others. I am from Latvia but i want to make difference in the world and i want to make it not only in Latvia but in all world.
I hope that someone will hear me and help me giving the opportunity to study and later help others. I`m hoping for someone to respond.