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We started a fully licensed restaurant/lounge with a 'living room' concept late last year. Family friendly setting serving fresh made, locally sourced food with board games and trivia quizzes, weekend brunches and special events. Currently 80 seats with room for another 60 on a currently unused second floor and 12 more on a summer patio. Pioneering it on a street that sits between two mega-popular mega-expensive strips, no competition in the immediate area with new housing developments popping up all over.
Currently drawing 700k in sales and breaking even nine months in, but need a short burst of financing to give us capital room to consolidate some debts and make expansions (patio, for example) which would increase seating, allow for local marketing push and get us to the next level in profitability.
Significant online buzz, strong social media brand, concept very portable and, we think, franchiseable once the business model has demonstrated customer demand.


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