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My name is Damond Gregory and I operate a small patient transportation service here in Houston, Texas called Gregory Patient Express Transportation. My wife and I are currently running the business together. As you know, Houston has a Large population of about 5 million people. This business has the potential to be very profitable because of the need of senior citizens, the elderly, physically disabled, workers comp members and the mentally challenged to be transported to doctor's appointments, dentist appointments and other medical treatments. I've been in business for about a month and currently sub contracting with several medical and workers comp transportation agencies. I'm looking for financial support(grant, venture capital) so I can expand my business.

My short term goals are to purchase several mini vans and hire a few employees as drivers as my workload is increasing. My long term goal is to cover a large area Houston as far as transportation services are concerned. I also want to set up facitlities in Major cities surrounding Houston such as Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas in the future, as several of the agencies I'm sub contracting for have contracts with medicaid and workers comp departments in the cities mentioned. I will be working to contract with nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, senior living homes, etc. directly rather than going through a broker agencies as well. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks Damond 281-912-4198