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I have a few start ups that need financing in order to get things moving.

I have experience in the entertainment and fashion industry as well as Multi-Media.

In the apparel their is a men and women's Hoody/Hoodie, sweatshirt and zip-ups that has a niche called Hood Apparel. All that is needed is proper backing to be able to have a marketing push. With limited funds I solely ran the company all by myself hiring manufacturers, embroiders, models, ads and etc.

Also in the works regarding fashion is a whole other new company that is a luxury accessories line targeted to an upscale customer base.

Looking to expand the Media and News Companies (Kulture Media and Kulture News). Funds would be for building the website to a mobile friendly format (i.e digital newspaper), paid journalist and advertising and branching into TV and Radio.

In the Music field I have a lustrous history that needs management to get me to the next level.


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