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Osteria di Pinocchio is a very innovative proposal in the restaurant and entertainment industry, set all around Pinocchio’s fairy tale coherently in all its elements (from furniture, to staff uniforms, to fantastic menus, background music, evening entertainment by the tale’s characters). You get into fantastic place where, quality food is offered together with entertainment and for adults and children. It’s a completely different and unique place that draws the attention and let you experience a special moment in the interest of joylife and socializing, to take a break at affordable prices.
As our slogan quotes: "Food and games for kids from 0 to 99 years old” we address first of all to children and their families, target that in spite of the economic crisis, records a solid growth trend, also young people especially fond of theme bars and restaurants and entertainment. We propose healthy food related to the territory: fast and at sight for adults, fantastic cook and baby pizzas in the characters’ shapes for children eating at the pace of story telling. And together with food: fun and entertainment for everybody.
Our proposal is made up of modules in order to allow the franchisee, prior to specific assessment in terms of users catchment areas, location, room available, investment capacity, management capacity, to create together a tailor made solution, choosing among 4 options that is to say (related to the own interest and strategy) 4 FORMATS:
• For those interested in catering/restoration as core business: Theme restaurant with adults entertainment "L’ Osteria del Gambero Rosso" " The Red Prawn Inn" (in version Restaurant-Pizzeria or just Pizzeria) and Children Area"Il Paese dei Balocchi" "The Land of Toys" first restaurant in Italy exclusively dedicated to children ( which could be opened the whole day also as a birthday party area, playground and leisure centre) Parents can have meals in couples or with friends in a joyful and playful atmosphere , meanwhile children can eat fantastic healthy food, playing and having fun. It’s possible to add the Bar "Il Gatto e la Volpe" " The Cat and the Fox" (integrated between the two aforementioned restaurants in order to work either as restaurant support at meals hours or independent bar during the day ) –Commercial surface from 250 mq to 400 and an overall users catchment area of 80.000 inhabitants.- Investment from 160.000,00 €