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I am looking for an investor or company that would be willing to take a chance on a family that is looking to get ahead. I am in the need of a business loan. My wife has her Real Estate License and has joined up with Keller Williams here in Katy Texas. To be successful we need to get her name out there with several marketing ideas we have and there are several monthly fees and cost that we need to cover. I am also working on getting my license so that we could work as a team. I am currently working as an assistant for my wife. My credit has taken a bit of a hit, since my wife was laid off a few years ago from her position as a mortgage underwriter. She has been very successful at anything thing she has tried to do and I have no doubt that this venture will have the same outcome. We need about $75k to get this thing going good. I would be willing to roll into a package deal of my house, SUV, motorcycle and cars as collateral but would need enough to pay off all loans and then enough to get started, so about $225K would be the amount needed to do this. Value of Home and Vehicles would be upward of about $250k. We could also take the house out of the equation and just go for $50k. Please contact me for more information.