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Who are we?
3 partners: Vittorio (Business Development), Giovanni (CTO) and I (Business plan and financing). We founded the Midnight Call S.r.l. in Reggio Emilia - Northern Italy - in November 2011. We are counting on the collaboration of 1 trainee and one IT graduate.

What is our idea?
The Beta version of the website www.fazland.com has been completed after ca 9 months of development. We provide a frame where demand and offer for private services (ie car repair, gardening, plumbers, etc) can finally match - for real! How? Clients are able to post projects by filling in simple, intuitive and information-rich forms. Provider place offers. The innovative idea is in the FazRoom: a virtual cheesboard where the client ranks offers and stimulates competition between the providers.

What are we missing?
We need the working capital to integrate 2/3 employees (2 IT and 1 Mobile Apps) within the next 9-12 months.

What next?
I live in London - available for giving more details on request.


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