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We are looking for a socially responsible private investor and/or lender to assist us to soft-launch within 45 days of receiving working capital.

We have a solid, interactive executive summary with powerpoint marketing game plan attached for your review.

Our business model consists of launching the largest niche communities in the world.

Currently we are 90% developed & with a bit more operating capital we can get started shortly.

Interested investors and/or lenders are required to sign our privacy/non-competition agreement & participate in a phone call with our CEO for formal introductions (no exceptions).

It's important to note at the heart of our first-to-market niche business model is our corporate social responsibility model. It is important to us you are a socially responsible investor and/or lender and seek to maximize social good with your investment.

We hope to hear from socially responsible private investors/lenders soon. Thank you for your consideration on our behalf.

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