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AccuDose Solutions, LLC is a consumer medical device company that intends to patent, design, patent, manufacturer and import the Dial-A-DoseTM System. This is a line of medical devices that provide accurate dosing of suspension and liquid medication for children. Two devices have utility patents with four additional generation models in development to create a product pipeline. Numerous pharmaceutical recalls over the past ten years could have been avoided if the confusing product labeling had been replaced with the Dial-A-DoseTM System and its simplified directions. The target market for the Dial-A-DoseTM System is the caregiver (parent). These devices will prevent all dosing errors and improve treatment outcomes while preventing side effects and adverse outcomes. Pediatric dosing issues are the number one concern for the medical community and consumer. The Dial-A-DoseTM System is a necessity to address the solution of this significant health concern.