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TheraBor Pharmaceuticals is an exciting, privately-owned company with the participation of the University of Modena & Reggio Emilia that was formed in September 2011.
TheraBor is dedicated to the development of a technological platform for the production of pharmacologically active new chemical entities containing the boron atom.
The focus will be on the identification of beta-lactamase inhibitors to be used in combination with beta-lactam antibiotics that have lost their therapeutic efficacy due to the increased number of resistant bacterial strains.
TheraBor Pharmaceuticals has recently filed an international patent application to protect its intellectual property through a prestigious patent office based in Munich.

The company is seeking to raise up to Eur 3 million based on milestones, to fund its operations for the next 3 years, primarily from the private sector including High-Net-Worth individuals, Angel Funds and Venture Capital Funds.


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