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Used to produce United Games fanzine at indie retailers CEX and Chips.
Moved onto producing E3 DVD coverage and video-on-demand, as United Games Media, with initial funding from The Prince's Trust and HSBC.
Now I'm seeking investment for United Games Limited, a media company with unique ambitions across print, web, and events, that build on previous experience and traction.

I presently have an in-depth business plan based on research I presented at The Publishing Expo 2010.

A shorter, simpler, 5-15 slide pitch will be forthcoming.

In 2011 I touched based with various VCs and Angels, such as AOL Ventures, Charlie Parsons Creative, DFJ Esprit, YFM Equity Partners and Oxford Capital Partners.

Hope to make more entrepreneur and investor contacts in 2012, so feel free to follow or message me on StartupTank. =).