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Ducknowl is a Talent Screening and Assessment platform which combines the power of resume sorting, video screening, skill assessment test, proxy prevention and ATS integration. It provided recruiters 360-degree view of all the applicants to make the right hiring decision for recruiters. Ducknowl’s screening feature makes the hiring process quick and simple! Eliminate scheduling conflicts, screen more candidates in less time.


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ExperienceVikram Seth is co-founder of Ducknowl and has been passionately working to develop software application that can help organizations to find best skill without going through a tedious recruitment process. Vikram has over 10 years of management experience particularly focused in IT industry. He has a strong acumen in IT staffing and recruitment business. He has received MS degree from Georgetown University, DC. In addition, he has received various certifications in Project Management. He is a keen supporter of sustainable organic farming and he lives with his family in Chicagoland.