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Key technology of Euklis is FaRe Hybrid - Identity Certification Platform that provides a suite of advanced features for automatic identification of people, vehicles and objects. The platform is hybrid because it simultaneously combines pattern matching and machine learning recognition engines. Thanks to the Event Manager, the platform makes available a potentially infinite number of applications through the Event-Trigger-Condition-Action mathematics. Aimed at the management of the security and safety of critical infrastructures, the main applications are: access control with multiple recognition (face+card, face+LPR, LPR+card etc.), visitor management, parking, videosurveillance, digital forensics and much more. FaRe Hybrid is a plug&play,client-server platform, independent from the camera/reader used, already integrated in the main VMS, PSIM and access control systems, uses artificial intelligence and is open to custimization in order to satisfy the needs of each end user.


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ExperienceItalian Start-up company specialized in Face Recognition, Artificial Intelligence and Video Surveillance.