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P3iD has established an overall product line of solutions branded as DoxaScan. Its main focus is our new cloud/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based content on-ramp platform, called DocsInTheClouds. It consists of a unique ease-of-use UX/UI for document scanning, with mobile interface as well as the use of natural language understanding, as well as a collection of automated processing microservices leveraging AI/ML.


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ExperienceCEO & Cofounder Kevin Neal is a 25-year veteran of the capture market. He has worked in leadership positions at Fujitsu (hardware), successfully driving each of his two product lines to #1 market share, and at ABBYY (software), where he was responsible for 40% of US revenue. P3iD’s other CXOs and advisory board members all have startup, technology, and business experience and are ready to execute on Day 1.