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ExperienceThis young startup is proud of its 4 games: Asgard, Cash Bandits 2, Lucha Libre 2, Secret Jungle. The Northern lands have already fallen to our sword and spear, and berserks joined our army, but their grim gods won’t accept us. Only a valiant and reckless warrior, who can spin through all the challenges of Odin and see through Loki’s deceit, can lead the northerners. Join the skirmish, get the astounding free battles, and unlock the favor of every god, one by one. Infamous Cash Bandits have sneaked into the Imperial treasure again, and we cannot kick them out! The thieves are too sneaky and have figured out all the places to hide in during their last visit. We know that policing is not a proper job for a hero, yet the Grand Treasurer literally begs the Emperor to bring you in for this task. Spin the reels as hard as you can so that these miserable thieves felt the power of the Empire! The Luchadores are something we’ve never seen before. It looks like they don’t carry any weapons, and prefer bare-handed close quarters fight. They don’t even make a formation and insist on fighting one on one in specially organized rings. We can crush them easily with the force of our legions, but honor demands to beat them on their terms and prove our absolute dominance. Are you good enough in fisticuffs to get through all the multipliers and free battles, right to victory? The Mayan kingdom never was a part of the Empire, as we weren’t able to compete with their bloodthirsty gods. Today this may change, as we have a true hero on our side. This is just a scout mission. We need to know everything about Secret Jungle: how many warriors they have, how good their women are, do they have any dangerous animals dwelling in those rainforests, and how much gold can their kingdom provide. Spin through the Secret Jungle, grab the bonus game from the top of the pyramid, and come back with the valuable information!