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Pointgenie is a store occupancy monitoring software that allows to track store visitors in a seamless way and provide business owners real-time and historical footfall analytics.

With the recent developments of the pandemic, the government is enforcing a threshold of occupancy in all types of business to safeguard the employees and customers and help to slow down the spread of the pandemic.

Pointgenie with a simple to use software that doesn’t require a hardware setup can be up in minutes and can optimize this process for you. Our platform can be deployed in all types of business/stores Worldwide in a matter of minutes. Our powerful dashboard allows to know in real time the amount of people in the store and provide visitors insights and analytics based on historical footfall data.


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ExperienceI help organizations to conceptualize, design and create project management plans, forecast and allocate resources, develop budget lines, determine deliverables, establish a work breakdown structure, implement projects from conception through execution to delivery and monitor and evaluate processes and ensure objectives are met at minimal cost