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Members is a cloud-based system; which means it is ever evolving, adding new features and benefits without any system downtime or expensive internal projects.

Our team has taken the best technologies available today and built a beautiful modern framework. The application itself has been designed by a specialist team (user experience UE/UX, architects, business analysts, developers, testers) whose experience derives from highly successful medical college systems.

Unlike most other cloud systems in the marketplace, your organisation database is separated from every other organisation. Go checkout our ever growing list of features, like eLearning, payments, invoicing, helpdesk and discussions.


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ExperienceDirector, Enterprise Architect & Technical Lead. With a focus to ensure that business and IT goals are in alignment, my primary goal is to understand the businesses mission, strategy and processes and to model ways to show how the current and future needs of an organisation will be met in an efficient, sustainable, agile and adaptable manner.