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The problem we are solving is lack of efficient internet campaign results.

Our solution is a DIY application for creating and testing landing pages.
Will allows focus the attention of users, giving better campaign results for advertisers.

Our target market is companies that use the Internet to advertise.

We will acquire customers by 3rd part integrations and by building an expertise position in regards to landing pages.

We make money by charging clients with a pay-as-you go plan for each unique user who will visit the published landing pages which were created with our application.

Our key competitors are Unbounce and Landerapp.

We are better because every account will have all features, we care about view on different devices and resolutions, we don’t have any subscription.

Our core team consists of four talented, ambitious, loving guys who have worked together for the last few years.

What we’ll do next is create an API to integrate with first partners.


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