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Morningscore is a new and robust SEO platform that has all the metrics leaders in business and marketing like you need.

The tool provides you with all of the standard features for such tools - i.e., backlink explorer and keyword rank tracking. Where it stands out, however, is the very intuitive and user-friendly UI.

Besides those standard metrics, Morningscore's new SEO platform allows users to calculate their ROI on SEO and get improvement suggestions.

Moreover, you're able to add competitors and get updates about their rankings on a regular basis.

Additionally, Morningscore is free throughout the whole Beta period, and anyone can go ahead and register.

If you'd like to learn more about us and the journey we want to take you on, check out our Roadmap page (it's witty with a nice design, promise).

Also, on our website, you can also learn more about our Danish-based company, and see news and updates from the team.

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