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Zappka is a social platform to share and discover apps. It’s a personal app store for Android where a user also gets app recommendation based on profile, friends, location and preferences. You no longer need not browse thousands of apps to reach one relevant app. You will get super relevant apps suggestions on every visit. So Zappka is seamless and super fun way to discover apps.
Zappka is a social platform where you can create posts like you do on Facebook & Twitter. Share app reviews and app experiences in the posts. You can also tag the app you are talking about in the post. This post goes to timelines of people who are following you.
Tagging the app in the post gives clear context to the reader on app you are referring to. And can also get more information on the app or install the app with single click. You can follow anyone you are interested in like celebrities, experts and geeks and access the best and the latest in the apps world. You can check out apps your friends and other