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The Lemon Diesel Group LLC (LDG) is a startup recreational cannabis ancillary retail company that specializes in building small scale inexpensive grow cabinets as Gaia Grow Cabinets.
The Lemon Diesel Group targets the average city dwelling cannabis consumer who wants to grow cannabis, but doesn’t want to spend the hundreds to thousands of dollars just to get started.
The standard cabinet is a 2x2x6 wooden crate box that is light tight, air tight, and comes with lights, ventilation, and a growing medium. Plug and plant.
Gaia Grow Cabinets also custom makes cabinets from pre owned armoires and cabinets. This allows a customer to save on costs by having an already existing piece turned into a custom made grow cabinet.
Gaia Grow Cabinets plans to expand its business to other cannabis legal states as the market develops by developing commercial store front retail entities.


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