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We are now developing a fiberglass fabrication facility with machinery and personnel to build our Anaerobic Digesters from fiberglass. We have a master mold already developed to make master molds to manufacture the tanks as well as distribute to new franchises as needed. Our new fiberglass product is much more business practical, cost effective and meets environmental requirements as well as meets or exceeds the chemical process and temperature specifications for digestion. We have been working on a way to provide this excellent form of renewable energy and waste management for 4 years and have arrived at our current product. Our knowledge-intensive management and skilled workforce will provide a new backbone of modern environmental as well as distributed clean energy production resources.” At the same time we are going to use this fabrication facility to manufacture our new product “the vortex turbine” a Vertical Access Wind Turbine producing energy for one dollar per watt generated.


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Experience30 years Technologist, Service Engineer, Entrepreneur 10 years.