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FB & NOVINTE'S INTERPRISES is a pro- profits business, which aims to produce concrete blocks, tiles for building coverings and other goods used in the construction industry for sale in order to meet the growing market for construction in Africa precisely in the Republic of Mozambique. The FB & NOVINTE´S ENTERPRISES should also trigger the effectuation of construction of commercial, residential building activities, and rehabilitation of roads and other related construction activities, and practice the import and export construction materials, including raw materials and equipment, and it may participate in other companies. FB & NOVINTE´s ENTRPRISES aims to meet the growing demand from the construction market in Africa particularly in Mozambique where the undeniable growth of the economy and especially in the construction industry is notorious. It is then with the line of sight of FB & NOVINTE´S ENTERPRISES and according to the research already done we propose the design of a factory of concrete blocks, tiles and other articles that can be used in construction industry in Mozambique in order to meet the needs of various construction customers located in that country and neighboring countries. It is important to mention that in most of the population in Mozambique lack of physical structures such as good houses and the construction market is increasingly growing which makes the FB & NOVINTE´S ENTERPRISES a good project, which can eventually become a success in the Mozambican market. The blocks factory will help a lot in improving the people lives and can therefore contribute to the economic development of the respective country (Mozambique) as well as neighboring countries. Therefore, this project is very important so that any donor and investor who will help in this project will not only do it for monetary profits, but will also be contributing in the economic development of a village, a province, a nation and end will be contributing to a better world.

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ExperienceStrong leadership with management and interpersonal skills. Managed several and business while in the states. The founder of NGO known as SEMICA. The archetect of several initiative business projects. Havew tought college in Brasil and some vocational Englich courses.