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SecureMyne®, Inc. is sure to be one of the leading innovators of next generation advanced threat protection products and services including Cloud Access, Real-Time Threat-Relatable Mitigation Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things) Security, and Managed Services. SecureMyne® employs a unique set of skills from the founders’ years of industry experience that lend to the creation of a new security application model which promises adaptation in commodity security products and services moving forward. It is the belief of the company that fully protected security can only be accomplished by layering premises-based, hosted, or cloud-based infrastructure components with big data and actionable information gained from the most reliable and affected sources in the world. It is with this belief that SecureMyne’s® Hybrid model is born.


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ExperienceAs CEO and principal founder Tony is responsible for laying the groundwork for the company's vision and directives as they directly relate to the growth and success of the next generation cyber security products and services brought to the open marketplace. Tony's experience working as Director of Network Engineering and Security for brought him into the limelight as a forward-thinking technologist with no allegiance to product type or vendor when designing and implementing protective solutions. He continued with positions at the ISP EarthLink, the Network Access Control manufacturer StillSecure, and many other organizations before forming his own VAR (value added reseller) and presenting network security solutions to others throughout the nation. As a visionary Tony spearheads the startup branding and profile strategy for SecureMyne®, Inc. and bridges the gaps between the marketplace and what the company strives to provide its best-of-breed solutions. Tony's past success has already gained a lot of visibility for the startup; and beginning to put SecureMyne®, Inc. on the map in the cyber security arena.