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Mobi Chic is a 32 ft. RV that has been professionally converted into a lavish L.A. style boutique. We specialize in the latest fashions and trends from L.A., New York, and Miami. Our goal is to offer an alternative to traditional shopping. As a mobile boutique, our potential to stand out and be seen is limitless. We are able to go directly where our market is. Unlike a traditional brick and mortar clothing store, we can reach a much larger crowd, by traveling to various events and locations. Another advantage to covering different locations is that we are able to expand our online sells. Once we establish a relationship by first selling to a customer we encourage them to order online. Our boutique is very upscale and does not look like a RV inside. Our goal when designing and building our boutique was to offer a unique shopping experience. In such a competitive retail market, those who stand out and think outside the box will be the future of our industry. Franchising is also an option

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