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THE PROBLEM: Divorce is rated as the second most stressful event one may endure. Regardless of friends and family, who sometimes are the last people you want to confide in, those going through a divorce may feel alone, unwanted, and many other severe stressful feelings. Studies show that such stress affects us both mentally and physically. Only a few disjointed groups exist that attempt to solve this problem.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Humor is the best medicine, especially for stress. LABUYDO (TM) has been created to not only provide comic relief for those suffering through the stress of divorce, but to also assist them and connect them in both the cyber and real worlds. By creating not only copyrighted products but a unique website that would provide private and secure searches and communications between members as well as professionals, the company will also realize a tremendous financial opportunity through focused internet advertising.

We are looking for investors to help us build inventories, a very creative website, and the marketing efforts to establish this outstanding opportunity.


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ExperienceExperienced entrepreneur from the medical device industry who has learned to think outside the box to solve problems.