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I have been a business advisor to startups since 2005 I have access to expertise/partner investors including
(i) a web site designer
(ii) salesman
(iii) digital marketing expert
(iv) finance, systems and bookeeping and
(v) me as the CEO/Chair/retained advisor
This team differs in that
----all of us were prepared to work on equity and revenue share on contracts for service
(so no salary/employment costs)
---- if I can broker deals like this I believe we can find others too.

So we have a team and a solution which is perfect for
1 Serial inventors (who on the whole should be left to create new stuff and leave the
rest to others)
2 young aspiring entrepreneurs with a big idea (but need massive support & can't pay for
3 overseas SMES interested in the UK as an international hub
If we get these basics right, the business will grow, contact me if you're interested in finding out more