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Creation of an international automotive site, which will be submitted to a maximum of companies engaged in business related to cars, automakers, car, tuning shop, car dealers, auto parts stores. The company's website will be able to share experiences, ideas and goods. In addition, companies can show their work to promote their products or services through the website. Motor will be able to exhibit their cars, tuning shop and car repair their services, and show their work in the photo, auto parts stores will be able to put all of its range. All companies will have their own page where they can run their blog talking about any promotions, new services, or to show the work done. In addition to all the companies will be given the opportunity to advertise their company throughout the site, as well as targeted to all users.
In addition to providing a platform for companies, the site will be useful to all car owners of both Russia and the U.S., and Europe.

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