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Social Media Compliance Training is going to be the next Sexual Harassment Training. Comply Socially brings the longest running and most popular social media training programs online with easy to use and track self-paced e-learning courseware.

Comply Socially helps employers manage the risk and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace.
-85% of companies believe giving employees social media access at work is advantageous.
-Only 30% offer training on appropriate social media usage.
-50% are dealing with fallout of misuse of social media.

In the last year the National Labor Relations Board has cited unlawful Social Media Policies in wrongful termination cases 28 times.

Global self-paced e-learning market expected to grow 7.6% annually to $51 Billion by 2016. Comply Socially is positioned to be the leader in the Social Media Compliance Training e-learning market.


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