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companies. Worked with the Navy’s Seaport-e, and, the NIH NITAAC CIO SP-2/2i, -3.
Through knowledge of narrative and oral proposal processes through Shipley:
• Capture Strategy and Plans,
• Proposal Schedules and milestones,
• Proposal Management Plan,
• Storyboards, River Raft, and Hybrid Proposals,
• Outline development with page requirement allocations and assignments,
• JIT Modular Proposal Development Training (VPM’s, PLUM’s, 1st Draft),
• Page Layout Techniques,
• Color reviews
• Topical Module Development,
• Value Proposition Modules, • Take-Away Messages/Two-Part Action Captions,
• Win Strategy and Theme Development,
• Discriminators, Ghosts, Features, Advantages, and Benefits,
• Black Hat, Blue, Pink, Red, Gold Team Reviews,
• SWAT, and Gap Analysis,
• Unique Reformative Boilerplate,
• Formatted Resumes,
• Selective Past Performance,
• Winning WRAP Rates,
• Global Proposal Library/dictionary
• Proposal Databases/Desktop Publishing