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The essence of the project is simple - to date, there are many security systems for car owners. However, not one of the systems can not provide 100% safety of the car.
I developed the idea of ​​a new security system called EYE "

The system of "eye" is easy to install and provide an overview of a car with four angles coming online. All the captured video is broadcast over the online cloud service (server) where stored for 24 days. Every car owner can personally from any device to see what's going on with his car.

The system operates 24 hours a day and has a portable and stylish look.

This project is unique in the world. The essence of it is that now the whole machine is under constant review. Upon the occurrence of a curious case - theft, damage. You can always raise the entry with online data storage, and your problem is solved!

Market for this system is huge - it's like retail sales and sales at car dealerships, insurance companies. Possible access to the state level of state purc