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Here briefly is the situation – The project/s are at an early enough stage whereby the company is open to a JV with a supplier of the PV materials (or individual investor/s). At this time the company has not made any commitments to where we acquire the materials from. This presents a tremendous opportunity for a supplier of the materials (or individual investor/s) to consider injecting the initial €100.000 themselves in return for an equity position of the entire project. I am looking to partner/JV on these project/s with suitable industry related individuals/groups looking to participate in this exciting development by raising funds in the amount of €10 – €60 Million.

The €100.000 will be used to cover due diligence, purchase the pre-feasibility study and initiate the feasibility study along with purchasing of the land in question – in return the project principals would enter into an agreement with the provider of the €100.000 to purchase the PV materials from a Solar company.

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