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Supply and demand keeps court reporters heavily employed. Reporters are well paid and there are many lines of work they can go into besides just working in the courts. I discovered a way to make training to become a court reporter affordable for all income brackets with a month fee of $499/mo.
There are several other Universities who charge thousands per quarter for this same study, but by focusing just on this area of study I can keep the cost low and focus on a higher number of enrollees. Using the internet as our Academy, students can learn from anywhere in the United States. Two hundred students generates one million dollars a month in gross revenue, which is obtainable in NY alone yet alone in the US, at roughly 4 students per state we get 200 students. Recruiting by going to high schools and junior colleges is one method as well as online advertising, sign ups should come fast and steady. In the courthouse I work, Queens Supreme Court, starting salary is 100K a year.